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View the services provided by Meridian Cabling Solutions throughout lower Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Northern Indiana to schools, churches, banks, commercial buildings, governmental buildings, and more.

Low Voltage Cabling

Meridian Cabling Solutions specializes in the installation of all low voltage cabling, fiber, and rack systems.

  • New Low Voltage Cabling
  • Replacement Cabling
  • Data Center Cabling
  • Audio / Visual Systems
  • Security Systems

All low voltage cabling projects are handled with the utmost care by our technicians and completed to suit your needs. Whether your business is in need of an upgraded audio system, a security system, or an entire data center for your new construction, our team can help.

MDF & IDF CleanUp

Our team will perform clean-up and restructuring on your existing infrastructure to improve safety.

  • Improves changeability of your data infrastructure
  • Promotes safety and health

Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) can easily become disorganized when not managed by a professional cabling infrastructure company. Our technicians can help clean up your MDF and IDF to ensure everything is functioning properly and organized to make it easy to change out different hardware.

CCTV & Wi-Fi

Meridian Cabling performs full system installation services, system upgrades, and we can troubleshoot and rebuild your system.

Closed-circuit television, or video surveillance, is extremely important when it comes to protecting your business and facilities. Meridian Cabling Solutions has installed CCTV systems in schools, small businesses, banks, and many other buildings.

Every business needs quality Wi-Fi to operate, and our team can ensure your Wi-Fi system is set up correctly and managed when issues inevitably arise.

  • Full System Installation
  • System Upgrades
  • Troubleshooting and Rebuilding

Circuit Extension & Turn-Up

We’ll help you complete the connection between you and the phone or cable provider you use for your business.

  • Phone Line X-Connects
  • DSL Extension & Cut-Over
  • T1 Line Extension & Cut-Over
  • Cable Modem Extension & Cut-Over

Your phone line and internet connection are vital to running a business or organization, which is why the Meridian Cabling team places high value on doing the job correctly every time. 


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between MDF and IDF?

Main Distribution Frame (MDF) is the main communications room that interconnects and manages the telecommunications between itself and multiple IDFs (Intermediate Distribution Frames). The MDF holds the physical equipment, like routers and switches, that your business needs to maintain to stay online and connected.

IDF is much smaller and typically connects to the MDF via fiber optic cables.


Our data / communications room and systems were set up incorrectly. Can Meridian Cabling help fix it?

Yes! Not only does Meridian Cabling Solutions install infrastructure cabling, CCTV, and Wi-Fi systems, our technicians can also troubleshoot and rebuild your current system when you’re adding an addition to your facility, moving to a new location, or just need a different setup that’s easier to manage.


Can Meridian Cabling change out my router or switch to improve my communications system?

Meridian Cabling Solutions can help upgrade, change, and install new modems, switches, and routers to keep your business up to date using the latest technology.


My system isn't working. Can Meridian Cabling troubleshoot?

Our technicians can perform Map Test cable testing and troubleshooting on all existing and installed cables and fiber. 

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Need a new audio / video system for your church? Or maybe a CCTV system for your new store? Call Meridian Cabling Solutions or request a quote to ensure your business is secure and operating at the highest possible level.

Our team has upgraded cabling infrastructure on a variety of businesses, including churches, stores, schools, banks, and more.

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